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I Have Moved to Wordpress

Friday, January 6, 2017
I am so happy to share with you guys, finally I have migrated to WORDPRESS. You can subscribe and keep in touch with my new updates at :

Like I mentioned previously in this post, I have considered lots of thoughts regarding changing my current blogger web to a more secure platform.

So, when the right time comes, early of this 2017 I have made a clear decision to migrate into Wordpress. Once I have decided, I emailed Erin to ask her advice on thing I am not sure about. I am grateful she help me during this process. Finally, I made through every process from purchasing hosting untill installing Wordpress and be able to see my page working accordingly.

Right now I have around seventy post to edit. Most of my post are here and there and the worst are when my images weren't there, so I have to upload again and place them in place. I don't like to jingle two different task on the same time. Let me edit every post first before I start publishing new one.

I hope I made a right decision. Thank you guys, you who read and support my post.

Hope to see you on my new page.

Thank you.

December 2016 Round-Up and Current Favourite

Friday, December 30, 2016

The last month of the year 2016. I can’t wait for 2017 to say hello because this December had been so freaking tiring for me. 

This month I have started to used a blog schedule and planner for my blog. I am still trying to find ideas to post for the upcoming month and planning to post two posts in a week.  Here is how my blog planner look like:-

I deleted my disqus comment system as I did not find a way to import all my comment perfectly and I lost lots of new comment as well, so I stick with using the blogger comment system.

This time around I finished reading a malay novel – 7 Hari Mencintaiku. This story has made me cry for the whole last 200 pages. I am also currently reading Shatter Me by Taherah Mafi. Too sad that I did not get to complete the goodreads challenge to read 15 books this year, blame my busy schedule okay.

My Game of Thrones vibe still going on this month as I am now on Season 4. I am taking so long completing a TV series as I am also watching 7 Hari Mencintaiku (7HM) and also Goblin. 7HM end up last week and that mean I am no longer be seeing Shukri Yahaya on TV again, and I have to wait for his appearance on TV. But I recently found up that he will be acting on a film called Surf This Love but I don’t know when the film will release. I guess I will just watch his previous dramas if I miss him, keke.

My favourite songs of the month are:-

You can listen to this playlist here

I also made a new playlist called You Once Loved This Songs. This playlist contains all my favourite Kpop Songs which I almost forgotten that previously I am so crazy about Kpop. All this songs are my personal favourite mostly are songs from SHINee, DBSK, KARA, Big Bang, Block B, Infinite and others. 

I spend lot of time at home during weekend, doing my work. Yeah, sound boring. My work life s*ck up so much. I don’t even know if this will ever stop because I am not just tired but also fed up dealing with two-faced people at work. I am not showing my kindness anymore this time. Those person should learn a lesson that I am no longer a person who say yes to everything. And also, I did my job appraisal this month. Still I am quite surprise they still using this method though we already implement a Key Performance Indicator for the year 2016. What is the used of job appraisal if the increment and bonus still the same every year? They are not going to give us extra bonus and higher increment if we did get 100 marks on the appraisal and performance. That is why lots of the senior staff just don’t give a damn to stay back because of the fact that the company won’t increase anything. We, the ‘underdog’ staff struggling and willing to sacrifice our time for the reason of not having any children and we can always have the time for work while the others with family can enjoy their day and weekday happily. Life like this is simply like shit. 

I have learn so much this month thus I hope I won’t repeat the same mistake again. I need to be positive towards any challenges approaching ahead. I have so many plans next month which one of it is start prepping my meals so I will eat healthily. I have to start sleeping early again because I this month I didn't and my body start to ache due to constantly sitting in front of computer from 8am till 11pm. 

Since this is the last post of 2016, I have come out a random question to throw to myself so next time I can look back here and reflect.

Q1 - Three best moments this year?
#1 My trip to South Korea. 
#2 All the time when I had delicious food in front of me.  
#3 The moment when I got to own what I have been aiming for with my own money and hardwork.

Q2 - Things I glad is over?
My broken laptop. I am glad someone gave me her laptop so now I can write and blog easily.

Q3 - Great thing I learnt this year?
Do not text and drive. I accidentally hit a car while I was with my phone. So lesson learnt now. Never use your phone while driving.

Q4 - Something I achieved that I forgot to celebrate
I think there’s nothing to celebrate when I am satisfied with what I have encountered and survived this year. I survived from working stressfully, I survived eating bread all day because I spent all my money to shop, I survived an accident on which I thought I will get caught, what else? 

Q5 - What I would tell myself so it won’t reappear next year?
Never be afraid to tell someone about how you feel. The best solution sometimes is communication between two people. I did a mistake by keeping my answer in silence so yeah I get the consequences. 

Have you plan for the new year? What is your biggest moment of 2016?

Drop some comment and share your thoughts here.

My Everyday Makeup Routine (Drugstore Version)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

As I mentioned previously on my night skincare routine, I do wear makeup on everyday basis but I am not a professional when come to doing makeup. I just wear what is necessary to make my face look presentable as I am working in an office and most of the time I do need to meet lots of people. But you know, I enjoyed learning and applying makeup nowadays. 

As I am still collecting the high end makeup product, right now I am using the drugstore brand on regular basis. I am too shy to actually share this because during all this picture were taken, my face look so puffy and my dark circle was at the worst time. I could not put this post on draft and drag it to be completed because ‘oh my face look horrible now’ and c’mon just make it work girl, ain't nobody got perfect skin everyday right. How do I apply my makeup every day? So, let’s get started! 

Before I start applying all my makeup product I will always use my skincare product first; lotion and moisturiser. I also will apply a layer of primer from Catrice Cosmetic to even out my skin. My order in applying all the makeup may not be the same every time. But I always started with doing my brows first because tell you what I took the longest time drawing my brows. I always conceal the hair below my brows and correcting any line using an angle brush with the concealer from Catrice. 

Drawing brows done

Using this concealer to polish my eyebrow shape and prepping my eyes

Then I am taking the concealer to prep my eye lid because I have dark eyelid. I will set it with face powder before applying eyeshadow. 

Simple eyeshadow and wing eyeliner

My current favourite eyeshadow this days are from Innisfree and Aritaum. First I will apply the dark brown eye shadow just above my crease and blend it nicely. Then taking the plum colour eye shadow, I create a horizontal ‘V’ on my outer part of my eyes. Last part is applying a glittering gold colour eyeshadow to the rest of my eyelids. Sometimes I will put some shadow to my bottom eyes if I got the time and if I remember to do so. 

The eyeshadows and brushes I am using

After that I am taking a black eyeliner from Aritaum to tightline my eyes and using Maybelline hypersharp eyeliner to line my eyes and creating a wing. For mascara I use Maybelline Lash Sensational and apply a few coats to my thin and short lashes. You barely can see any lashes even after I put on my lashes, that is why sometime I skipped doing mascara. 

The eyeliner

Then only after that I put on my foundation. I will normally use either a BB cream or BB cushion. My current favourite BB cushion right now is the Maybelline Super BB Cushion. It has a lightweight texture and give a medium coverage throughout the day. I just dab it with the given cushion all over my face. After that I am applying the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer under my eyes, and covering all my imperfection with the Catrice concealer. Next, taking the Innesfree No Sebum Mineral Powder, I will set and bake my under eyes. To give a matte finish to my face, I apply face powder to the rest of my face using a fluffy brush. 

The product I used for the rest of my face

My face after applying BB cushion, covering my dark circle and setting my face with powder

I look so damn pale with just like this. So I am adding more colours to my face with blusher from In2it and bronzer from Catrice. I did contour my face and nose so my face won’t look as flat as the wall. If I want to look more glamorous, I will add some highlighter (I will use the light shimmer color of my Naked Pallete) to the highest point of my face which is my nose and cheekbones. 

I finish up my look by applying a liquid lipstick from Kat Von D though this is a high end product but I am so in love with this lipstick. This time I am using Double Dare. Few other lipsticks of my choice is the Maybelline Matte Lipstick in MAT 12, MAC lipstick in Mehr, Mamonde Creamy Tint lipstick in code no 16 or Aritaum Lip Cover Color Tint in code no 5. 

This is the full makeup look

That is how I do my makeup routine. While I am taking all the photos I am just wondering how did all the makeup expert blogger did all the photo snapping look so easy. I was struggling to get the best angle and lighting all the time and I was not so sure whether I should smile or not while taking the photos. After all the struggle I made it at last. I hope you enjoy reading, so sorry for the bad photos and model, haha. Seriously I am not doing any makeup routine anymore. 

So how is your everyday makeup routine?

South Korea Trip 2016 Day 6 - Off to Busan

Monday, December 26, 2016

Hello! We now move to the next day of my South Korea trip. After a great five days in Seoul full with excitement and memories, we are now leaving this beautiful city and heading to the Southeastern side of Korea – Busan.

Busan is a large port city in South Korea and it  is Korea's second largest city with close to 4 million people. They have beaches, mountains, pub and cafes that have become an attraction for tourist that adores nature in general.

One week before our trip, we heard the news about the CHABA Typhoon attacking Busan. I am so worried so I texted one of the tourist agent which I get his number through forum and so he said we have nothing to worry because normally Korean are prepared with this and typhoon will not come again to Korea because it is heading to Japan and  they usually will take less than 3 days to clear the road. So, no more worries.

We are pretty excited to go to Busan but still deep down in our heart we are sad to leave our precious stay in Seoul Dalbit and darn, we have to say goodbye to Seoul. As you know I dream to live in Seoul long time ago and yes I did! Hopefully next time I will visit this place again. 

We set to check out from our guesthouse by 11 morning so we won’t miss to take the KTX to Busan at 1.00pm. After packing our luggage, bid our farewell to the host, we straight go to Seoul Station. There are few options to travel to Busan which are by bus, the normal train or by the KTX. We choose the KTX because it is the fastest, takes about 3 hours to reach Busan even though it is costly among the three option. 

Direction to Seoul Station – by subway line 1 or 4

KTX ticket to Busan

We bought our tickets on the spot at the counter for 59,800 per seat. While waiting for our train to depart at 1 pm, we had Lotteria shrimp burger. While waiting and seating at the waiting area, there’s an ahjushi who look friendly so we took the opportunity to have a chat with him. We cut our conversation with him once he talked about religion and Islam in particular because man we don’t want to get too serious with the fact that we are Islam and he is not does not mean he can criticize our religion. He did offer to take us to the departure gate but we just move by ourselves once we are set to depart.

This burger is Yummy!

There are luggage scanning for security matters taking place before we depart. We are few seconds late to take our train due to the security check. I remember our seat was at the first coach and we were running with our luggage. Damn, so close to miss our train. So please if you have luggage, do move  to the gate early to avoid something like us and remember their train depart on time. 

Once seated, I was so amazed with the KTX. The seat is damn comfortable and spacious (even better than Air Asia standard seat), complete with wifi connection. They have space to put luggage in front of the coach and toilet. During the three hours ride to Busan, I was so busy with my phone and the journey was smooth. Busan is the last stop and when we reach Ulsan, the rain was pouring the city. 

Inside the KTX. It look exactly like the one in Train to Busan. Goosebump!

Upon reaching, we did not think that due to the rain we will encounter one more problem – which is, how are we going to take the Busan subway because we need to walk out the KTX station to get to the nearest subway station and we did not have any umbrella. We are looking like a lost child though and each of us refuse to buy an umbrella. 

Selfie! I just did not care on how I look

In the end we agreed to take the taxi to get to our stay which located at Beomnagol. The taxi stand was just few steps near the exit and there already have few taxi queuing up for passengers. We have to split into two taxi and shit man the taxi driver did not understand English. I just showed our guesthouse address to him and he just drove off. Having this thought that we might get lost plus he was driving so fast like pelesit, I am just hoping we will reach safe and sound.

Thankfully he did send us to the correct apartment. To add more to my worries, because we split into 2 person each in two taxi, I could not get in touch with my 2 other friends. It took us almost 30 minutes to eventually meet with each other. This happen because our taxi driver stop us at the main entrance of the apartment but the other taxi driver stop them at the center which is near the parking entrance. 

We booked our stay through air-bnb again, we choose Dynamic Busan hosted by Haru and I tell you we have the best stay here because the room was spacious, we are the only one who stayed there at that time and we have a beautiful view at 36th floor, We had a long journey today so we did not plan anything and just take a rest in our room. 

I got to see this view every night

See you on my next TRAVEL-SOUTH KOREA 1.0 post. But here is my total expense of Day 6.

I just want to express my disappointment of Disqus team for not fixing my comment properly as what I wanted. Though they already did fixed it but I am still not happy. I was emailing them for the past two weeks and I thought it can be fix so I did not read all my awaiting moderation comment yet hoping I can be happy to read and reply once I got my Disqus fix. It just making me angrier and frustrated. All the comments was there only for the old post but my reply to the comment was haywire. I do not like how it look like. The new comments I got since I installed Disqus was not even there. Plus, I just noticed that I have 2 different username/shortname. I used atheera dayana as the username and shortname url when I am commenting (for my blog and other blogs), but when I look up at my Disqus comment section, it uses Atheera Dayana and the shortname url for my profile was atheera-dayana. I thought maybe because of this I couldn’t install Disqus properly so I tried to set up a new Disqus account. Properly I sign up and installed again with the two steps; adding the code to my blog and import all my comments and shit when syncing I realised I lost almost 100 comments (I compared with my first Disqus account). I just suck it up and hurm nevermind I can always start anew. But shit always hit me hard. I still could not see all the comments. So I give up. Now I am stuck using this blogger comment as long I can see and reply to my comment accordingly though it is so ‘less-practical’ but still then I have no other choice. Because of this I have not been blogging for 1 week and this affected my blog views. Sayonara Disqus.

12 Pictures on My Phone and the Story | 2016 Best Memories

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Twenty sixteen will come to an end. Sometimes we never realized what we have achieved and what makes us happy during the whole year. For me most of the good event in my life I will keep it as photos as a memories. We also often took selfie when we are feeling pretty, that’s is what we did right? Let’s take a look at my photos on my phone way back from January 2016 and re-cap what I have captured and the story behind the picture.

January – I spent my new year eve at Port Dickson with my friend. This is the first time I have stayed overnight outside KL with my friend to celebrate new year. 

February – This is with my three other friends at Penang. At this point we were planning to go to Korea and we did! Sometimes small chit chat can bring a bigger achievement if we have the passion.

March – A photo of me at my company annual dinner at Pacific Regency Hotel Suites rooftop. I took the opportunity for a selfie when the place is packed with people.

April – Nothing much happen in April. In this photo I just had a haircut and I rarely cut my hair

May – This is just a photo of me wearing baju kurung and at this time I have realised my baju kurung doesn’t fit me anymore. Fat is everywhere on my body.

June – Had a berbuka puasa event at Tropicana Golf and Country Club with my officemate.

July – Eat again! This time I had raya potluck at the office. And I was not in the photo. Someone in this photo (that I hate so much) makes my mood down and that makes me hate her even more. Not the best moment but it’s the food that makes me happy

August – This a photo of one of the activity I did during the company convention event. We need to stack the screw on top of the door stopper.

September –  Pokemon hunt! At PJ Lakeside at midnight. The Pokemon rave at this time had turn me go crazy. Even crazier when I was brave enough to went to the park at Desa Park City alone just to catch pokemon. 

October – Biggest and happiest moment I had in 2016. Trip to South Korea!

November – Last day before October ends I went to Kuantan-Kuala Terengganu for food hunt. Stop at Kula Cakes after a heavy breakfast and continue to eat again for three days, that explains all the fat I had.

December – Last page of 7 Hari Mencintaiku. The main event in December I had is I had a crush over Shukri Yahaya (again) and keep watching his drama over and over again. 

That is a short sum up of my entire 2016. How about yours?
I wish for many more exciting milestone for 2017!

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